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Focus Genetics stud ram sale at Goudies Station, Reporoa Thursday 27 October, 2016

Following the successful inaugural Romney stud ram sale in 2015, coupled with the challenging North Island wide facial Eczema incidence this year – 16 stud Romney rams were sold on Thursday 27th October at the Focus Genetics/Goudies Romney stud in Reporoa. Rams were sold primarily to central north island stud breeders with an emphasis on high Facial Eczema tolerance genetics alongside the newly introduced Maternal Worth Index. ( AKA Dual Purpose).

Three rams sold for over $10,000 each with an overall average sale price of $4800.00

genetic ram sale

Focus Genetics feels that this industry validation is testament to 25+ years of robust recording and selection and shows a growing realization of the solution genetics can offer to this increasingly significant health , welfare and productivity challenge.The 16 Romney two tooth sires sold at the Focus Genetics/Goudies Romney Stud ram auction were in the top 20% of all progeny born in 2013-2015 from flocks that test for Facial Eczema. The Goudies Romney flock is the single biggest user of the Ramguard FE testing programme with 150+ ram hoggets tested every year at 0.6 mg/kg sporedesmin.

Perhaps the most significant testament to the effect of the Goudies Romney breeding programme is that the Landcorps’ commercial North Island ewe flock ,which is distributed right across the island and comprises of ~220,000 ewes by rams from this stud, scanned at +3% increment on the previous year. This was achieved in the face of North Island wide FE effects on ewe scanning that ranged upwards of a 25% decrease in some areas. This is proof that genetic solutions work.