Our maternal programme focuses on traits that are important for self-replacing breeding flocks

Sheep – Maternal programme

Our maternal programme focuses on traits that are important for self-replacing breeding flocks and aims for a low maintenance ewe that looks after herself and rears healthy, fast growing lambs.

  • Selection for maternal traits by using rams with proven maternal traits
  • Defining, measuring and selection for robustness (body condition score, stayability, survival)
  • Facial eczema testing in the Goudies Romneys at 0.60mg/kg liveweight (equivalent to FE GOLD level) and 0.35mg/kg liveweight in the Highlander® programme
  • Full conventional best practice recording using DNA parentage
sheep maternal genetics programme


A feed efficient sheep, bred to consistently deliver more kilograms of lamb weaned per ewe mated than purebreds. Well tested in New Zealand’s tougher hill country.


  • Fertility/fecundity
  • Growth
  • Lamb survival
  • FE resistance
  • Hogget lambing
  • Ewe efficiency
  • Wool

Goudies Romney

The result of 40 years of intensive selection and a proven example of NZ’s most widely used sheep breed.

Our Romney rams produce solid results and are proven in FE hot-spots.


  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Facial eczema resistance
  • Wool

Freestone Romney

A sheep bred to ramp up production through increased lambing, with good milk production, that gets lambs off to a great start and up to weight quickly.

Bred in the sometimes harsh and varied conditions of the Te Anau Basin, catering for the demands of the South Island environment, the Freestone Romney is a highly fecund and efficient ewe.


  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Wool
  • Meat

Genetic gain

We work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading farmers who use our breeding programmes to deliver outstanding on-farm gain. Click here to find out more about who we are, how we do it or where our breeders are located.

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