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Sheep programme

We offer Texel and FocusPrime™ as terminal sires, and Highlander® and Romney as maternal sires.

The scale, systems and science behind our sheep breeding programmes are aimed at driving improved profitability: through increased returns at processing or ensuring the integrity of the base ewe flock in a self-replacing system.

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Our terminal programme focuses on traits that are important for lamb survival, growth, meat production and quality to ensure we provide a ram that produces the best, killable lambs.

  • High lamb growth rates and high meat yield
  • Meat eating quality
  • Compliments our maternal breeding programme
  • Prime lambs off mum quicker with higher weaning drafts
  • Full conventional best practice recording plus genomics/SNP’s

Maternal programme

Our maternal programme focuses on traits that are important for self-replacing breeding flocks and aims for a low maintenance ewe that looks after herself and rears healthy, fast growing lambs.

  • Selection for maternal traits by using rams with proven maternal traits
  • Defining, measuring and selection for robustness (body condition score, stayability, survival)
  • Facial eczema testing in the Goudies Romneys at 0.60mg/kg liveweight (equivalent to FE GOLD level) and 0.35mg/kg liveweight in the Highlander® programme
  • Full conventional best practice recording using DNA parentage

Our sheep breeders

Our breeders are hand picked to ensure our livestock stacks up commercially to make your operation more profitable and productive.

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