Knowing what your long term goals are, it is crucial to pin point the specific production areas that will help you achieve them. You may have more than one area to focus on, but we can work collaboratively to ensure the sires we provide you address these key production areas.


Production focussed: a saleable product in a shorter time. Getting your calves, lambs or fawns up to weight faster, maximising your opportunity to get a better return and off farm faster, meaning they are no longer a cost on your farm system.

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Facial eczema (FE) tolerance

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Facial Eczema (FE) tolerance
Permanent, accumulative cost effective gains that drive animal welfare and productivity.

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In your ewe flock: producing a more saleable product with less dries (uneconomic units) and increasing the number of lambs born. Or perhaps a highly fertile ewe giving you the option of mating your hoggets when the conditions are right.

In your cow herd: shorter gestation periods with a cow that gets back in calf in her first cycle.

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genetic growth

Survival rates

Straight economics: the better the survival rate the better your bottom line and the more efficient the female breeding unit is within your farming system.

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Eating quality and consumer traceability


A fully integrated supply chain from pasture to plate and plate to pasture, providing greater efficiency to you and also your processor. Topped off with a consumer’s tick of approval and consumer traceability.

focus genetics sheep  focus genetics cattle  focus genetics deer

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