Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds in the agricultural industry.

Our team

Our team share a passion for improving the profitability of New Zealands’ sheep, cattle and deer farmers and the future of the New Zealand red meat sector on the global stage.

We strive to deliver a product and service that is consistent, reliable and makes a positive gain to the farm system and profitability of our clients.

Would you like to make an order or enquire about one of our sires?
Please call Norm Alderson (Livestock Business Manager) on 027 446 9884 or alternatively
the Focus Genetics office toll free on 0508 159 159.

Anthony Creswell


General Manager

I am an agribusiness professional with more than 20 years of combined market intelligence, competitive exposure and management experience. I have wide industry knowledge along the entire value chain from production to processing to market and a particular interest in new technology and the future of food and agriculture in a changing world. I am excited to be involved in an industry with so much potential and importance in a global economy.

MOBILE 021 621 191

Norm Alderson


Livestock Business Manager

I love the farming lifestyle. After graduating Massey University with a Bachelor in Ag Business I worked as a Livestock Manager and Buyer in the red meat industry for years. I also worked on the family sheep and beef farm for 16 years before joining the Focus Genetics team.

MOBILE 027 446 9884

Duncan Elliott


Cattle Programme Manager

I grew up on my family Angus Stud, have experience with AI, and operated on an Australian Simmental Stud. I have a strong stakeholder relationship approach and have significant senior management experience in the Food and Beverage industry. I’m experienced with big data capture and analysis, including establishing trends and looking for anomalies or outliers, this gives me the grounding to analyse our herds and look for bulls that can add value aligned to our index.

MOBILE 021 222 7324

Danni Bagley


Senior Geneticist & Maternal Sheep Scientist

Prior to Focus Genetics, I was a research scientist at AgResearch investigating targeted nutritional effects on fetal and placental development in sheep. I have a PhD in Animal Science from Massey University, where I studied the effects of ewe size and nutrition during pregnancy on productive, metabolic and lactational performance of female offspring. I also have a Master’s degree in Animal Science from Netherlands’ Wageningen University, majoring in Reproduction and Physiology.

Natalie Pickering


Terminal Sheep and Deer Scientist

An Animal Breeding Scientist, my previous role was a post-doctoral scientist at AgResearch, identifying the possibilities to breed for low methane emitting animals. I have a PhD in Animal Science investigating the genetics of flystrike, dagginess and associated traits. Part of the AgResearch Animal Genomics team for seven years, I am lucky to have had first-hand experience of the research into sheep SNP chips and genomic selection, and have extracted and analysed DNA from Focus Genetics sheep ears and bloods.

Marius van Niekerk


Livestock Database Administrator

Responsible for the management and integrity of our sheep database, I oversee one of the largest privately-owned animal databases in New Zealand. Focus Genetics is known for high animal data integrity, which comes from the strict way we maintain all records provided from the breeding programmes farms and how we import them into the sheep, cattle and deer information systems. I love helping staff gain understanding and expertise to operate the software required for the job at hand.

Hine Grant


Office Manager, Customer Service & Sales

I spend much of my working day in the office, but am equally happy getting out and amongst it where I can learn from our passionate clients and breeders. I have marketing experience in New Zealand and Australia, and bring expertise and experience across multiple industries.

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