2019 Yearling Sale


We are offering 25 Angus and 25 predominantly Red Stabilizer bulls available for purchase by online auction.

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Angus Offering

The Angus offering is selected from one of the country’s top performing maternal herds at Kapiro, based in Northland. The herd average is positioned in the top 20% of the breed on both self-replacing (SRI) and AngusPure (API) indices.

The herd is run under commercial conditions and competes off a primarily grass fed system. Bulls are managed in large performance mobs from birth to ensure better accuracy when measuring an individual’s trait perofrmance against others in their contemporary groups.

Stabilizer Offering

The Stabilizer programme is a well-established herd of 600 fully recorded cows. We remain strong advocates of the Stabilizer as a dual purpose breed enabling farmers to capture the positive influence of hybrid vigour through increased fertlity and 23% more weight weaned per cow during her lifetime all packaged in a simplified, stable crossbreeding system.

The sale offering has been selected for their balance of maternal appeal and carcass attributes, including yearling heifer appropriate options.

2019 Yearling Bull Catalogue Request Form

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