Using scale, technology and rigorous selection standards, we’ve developed a programme to drive better cattle productivity

Cattle programme

Using scale, technology and rigorous selection standards, we’ve developed a programme to drive better cattle productivity.

We offer Angus, Red Angus and Stabilizer® as maternal sires, and Simmental as terminal sires.

We work closely with respected industry groups and individuals, both in New Zealand and internationally, to ensure the bloodlines we use produce sires that will deliver increase in kilograms weaned per cow, with high calving ease and quiet temperaments. All in a commercially acceptable package to withstand the challenges of New Zealand’s environment.

angus genetics


Our Angus programme (red and black) remains focused on commercial breeding objectives and profitability. We continue to select our Angus to highlight those fundamental traits that the breed were once renowned for; namely moderately sized females that forage under commercial conditions whilst maintaining their body condition.

Our Angus not only excels in maternal attributes but also carcass quality. Within the Landcorp commercial farms our Angus is challenged in a wide range of environments to ensure that they meet these demands. In the Red Angus programme you will find nearly all bulls are suitable for yearling heifer mating and offer the same convenience with the simple difference of coat colour.


  • Commercial breeding objectives
  • Large scale – NZ’s largest performance recorded herd
  • Widely tested and challenged on Landcorp farms throughout NZ
  • Long history of objective measuring
  • Excel in Breedplan Self Replacing and Angus Pure Indexes
  • Wide use of AI to utilise the most profitable sires available


The Stabilizer® breed is a multi-breed composite developed by Leachman Cattle Company. The breed is based on over 30 years of research at the Meat Animal Research Centre, Clay Centre, Nebraska.

The original composition was based on 25% of four breeds: Angus, Hereford, Simmental and Gelbvieh. Stabilizer® combines the fleshing ability, marbling and moderate size of the British breeds with the muscle, milk and growth of the European breeds. As a four breed composite the Stabilizer® retains 75% of the F1 hybrid vigor. The females over the lifetime are proven to wean 23% more weight than their purebred counterparts. They are polled breed, either red or black in colour, and can be found in wide range of environments in NZ, USA, South America, Australia and the UK.


  • Genetically superior in reproductive performance
  • Moderate and as easy fleshing as an F1 Hereford x Angus
  • Blend the best of British and European breeds
  • Used worldwide with programmes in USA, Australia, UK and South America
  • Proven to work with over 3,000 bulls marketed to NZ commercial farmers since 1995
  • Global database of over 300,000 animals characterised for all traits


The Focus Simmental herd has been at the forefront of developing Simmental since their inception in 1971 to suit the New Zealand beef industry needs.

Proven under commercial conditions to be the ultimate terminal sire it offers maximum growth and carcass weight potential when crossed with breeds such as Angus, Hereford, Fresian x Hereford, and Stabilizer® females.


  • Selected for calving ease and quiet temperament
  • Proven track record as the best terminal sire
  • Research shows – 15% increase in calf weight weaned per cow mated when crossed with Angus – Simmental x Angus deliver a 10% gain in carcass weight – Simmental x Angus add an additional 3% to dressing percentage

Our cattle breeders

Our breeders are hand picked to ensure our livestock stacks up commercially to make your operation more profitable and productive.





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