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2019 Ram Hogget Selections

Our ram hogget selections will commence mid-March. We are offering ram hoggets from:

Waipuna – Wanganui
Highlander® and FocusPrime™

Waikite – Reporoa
FocusPrime™ and Texel

Tate Road Partnership, Te Kuiti

If you are interested in a ram hogget please call our Livestock Business Manager, Norm Alderson, on 027 446 9884.

2018 2 Year Old Bull Sale

Our 2018 2 Year Old Bull Sale will run on the following dates:

Friday 18 May – Waikite Simmental (Waikite Valley)

Wednesday 13 June – Rotomahana Angus and Stabilizer (Reporoa)

Both sales will be hammer auctions. More information regarding the sale and the offering will be made available mid-March. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss your 2 year old bull requirements for this year please call Norm Alderson on 027 446 9884

2018 Ram Hogget Sale

2018 Ram Hogget Sales

We are offering Highlander® (maternal), FocusPrime and Texel (terminal) ram hoggets with selections commencing early March. Full selection dates and locations are listed below. If you would like to place an order for a ram hogget this year please click here to be taken to our online ram order form. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone directly please call our Livestock Business Manager Norm Alderson on 027 446 9884.

2018 Ram Hogget Selection Dates

Thursday 8 March – Hawke’s Bay
Awapai – FocusPrime

Monday 12 March – Dannevirke
Pohuetai Farms – Highlander
Bonnie Glen – FocusPrime

Monday 12 March – South Island and King Country
Gore, Rosebank Farm – FocusPrime and Highlander
Te Kuiti, Tate Road – FocusPrime

Tuesday 13 March – Wanganui
Waipuna Farms – FocusPrime and Highlander



Genetics innovation claims double-gold at Beef + Lamb Sheep Awards

Focus Genetics have claimed both terminal genetics award categories at the 2017 Beef+Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards firmly establishing the Hawke’s Bay based company as New Zealand’s leading sheep breeder.

The Waikite FocusPrime™ took out the Terminal Worth category, while the Rosebank FocusPrime™ claimed top honours in the Terminal Trait Leader for Lamb Growth category.

Focus Genetics chief executive Gavin Foulsham said the awards were well deserved recognition for Waikite farm manager Peter Strawbridge and Rosebank farm owners Barry and Julie Crawford and a big endorsement of the breeding programmes Focus Genetics has developed with its breeding partners over a number of years.

“These awards recognise excellence in high lamb survival rates whilst consistently producing high growth, high meat yielding lamb.

“With our breeding partners we are operating at the the leading edge of where the sheep breeding sector need to be in order to be sustainable and profitable long-term – combining the best genetic development in New Zealand with excellent on-farm practice, stock and feed management.

Mr Foulsham said both Waikite and Rosebank have always had an open mind to the gains that technology can offer which had literally ‘bred’ success.

“They’ve left us to worry about the science so they can really concentrate on the farm, and it’s that combination of science and hard work on the farm that has allowed the genetics to fully express themselves.”

Mr Foulsham said the work Focus Genetics had been leading in genetic gain had been a decade in the making.

‘We want to drive long-term, sustainable profitability in the New Zealand red meat sector by developing superior genetics. We see huge potential for the farming sector from this work that will benefit New Zealand as a whole, but especially those in the supply chain.

“Seeing excellent stock leave the farms we are working with is hugely satisfying, and now national recognition proves we are leading the sector with our approach.”

Beef+Lamb genetic award nomination for Gore farmers

Commitment to quality reaps first time Beef + Lamb genetic award nomination for Gore farmers

A focus on farm efficiency and the best science available has paid off for Gore sheep farmers Julie and Barry Crawford who have been announced finalists in the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards.

It is the first Beef + Lamb awards nomination for the 4th generation farming couple, who own and operate the 510 hectare Rosebank farm at Waikaka Valley, near Gore, but a prestigious one to gain in the coveted genetics awards category.

The Rosebank FocusPrime™ lamb has been nominated in the Terminal Trait Leader for Lamb Growth category which rewards excellence in consistently producing high growth and high meat yielding lamb.

Focus Genetics chief executive Gavin Foulsham said the nomination was well deserved recognition for the Crawfords who have worked with Focus Genetics for several years on a sector leading breeding programme to produce sheep that have high lamb survival rates, are fast growing, high meat yielding and offer a quality eating experience.

“Focus Genetics wants to drive long-term sustainability and profit in the red meat sector by developing superior animals using genetics. To do this most effectively we partner with leading farmers like the Crawfords, who are committed to achieving the potential genetics can offer.

“We are delighted to see Julie and Barry nominated for this award as they really epitomise the best of New Zealand’s sheep industry – they’ve combined our science with excellent on-farm practices, and they have a desire to constantly improve and share their knowledge with others to benefit the whole sector.”

Julie Crawford said the nomination was proof that the combination of genetics and their work on the farm to get the best out of the science was working.

“We’ve focused for a long time on working as smart as possible and using technology to get the most out of our operation.

“Getting a good product relies on good genetics, feeding your stock well and ensuring excellent animal health. We are backed up by a great genetic breeding team in the Focus office, knowing that we don’t have to worry about the science has freed us up to really focus on the farm to get an excellent product for the customer.”

The couple can speak from experience of delivering for the end consumer, recently returning from a trip to the United Kingdom and Germany to find out more about the markets in which their FocusPrime™ lamb is sold.

“We’ve had the opportunity to see how the lamb is presented and sold over the other side of the world. Understanding how it is presented and what the supermarkets and customers want is very important, because the work to get there really begins on the farm.”

Focus Genetics 2017 2 Year Old Bull Sale

2017 2 Year Old Bull Sale Rotomahana Angus Sire Bull

2017 2 Year Old Bull Sale
Rotomahana Angus Sire Bull

2017 2 Year Old Bull Sale Waikite Simmental Sire Bull

2017 2 Year Old Bull Sale
Waikite Simmental Sire Bull

Friday 19th May

We are pleased to confirm our 2 Year Old bull sale date and that we have engaged the services of PGG Wrightson Livestock to run two on-farm auctions on Friday 19th May.

Waikite Simmental

Commencing at 10.30am Friday 19th May there will be an auction at Waikite in the Waikite Valley, Rotorua. 25 high indexing Simmental two year old bulls will go under the hammer.

Rotomahana Angus

At 1.30pm Friday 19th May that afternoon we will be moving to Rotomahana, in Reporoa, where we will auction 25 Angus.

Private Treaty Sales – Rotomahana Stabilizer®

There are 15 2 Year Old Stabilizer® bulls available from Rotomahana. We will be offering these bulls by Private Treaty sale.

Private Treaty Sales – Duncraigen (Te Anau) and Kapiro (Kerikeri) Angus

If you are in the market for a private treaty bull we will also have Angus bulls available from Kapiro (Kerikeri) and Duncraigen (Te Anau) breeding properties.

Focus Genetics “Genetically Superior Lamb Lunch”

Focus Genetics is in the business of driving long-term, sustainable profitability in the New Zealand red meat sector by developing genetically superior sheep, cattle and deer.

This is why we are so excited about our work to lift the tenderness, flavour, and all round eating quality of lamb making its way from paddocks around New Zealand to plates throughout the world.

In February 2017 we hosted a group of industry stakeholders for a “Genetically Superior Lamb Lunch” in the Hawke’s Bay. The event provided the opportunity for guests to taste the lamb for themselves and hear more about what we believe to be a game changer in lifting the value of New Zealand bred red meat.

Below is a short video of some of the speakers on the day and the work we are collectively putting into driving lamb eating quality in New Zealand from good to great.

Focus Genetics Lamb Eating Quality Farmer Seminars

In February 2017 Focus Genetics, Progressive Meats and Atkins ranch hosted two Lamb Eating Quality Seminars, one in Hastings and the second in Pahiatua. These well attended events provided the farmer audiences a chance to hear what is happening at a plant level, market expectations, what’s going on in the genetic space plus ideas on what they could do on-farm to improve the eating quality of the lambs being produced.

Here is a short clip highlighting some of the key points covered in relation to the sheep genetics component on the day.

Focus On Genetic Gain Wins People’s Choice Lamb Award

Focus Genetics congratulates clients, Wairarapa farmers Matt and Lynley Wyeth on beating 166 other entrants to win the 2017 Beef + Lamb New Zealand Golden Lamb Awards People’s Choice award.

The Wyeth’s Highlander/Primera bred lamb showed the rest of the field a clean set of hooves to take out top spot in the hearts and stomachs of the public at the annual awards.

Focus Genetics chief executive Gavin Foulsham said the award was well deserved recognition for the Wyeths who have worked with Focus Genetics for several years to breed lamb with greater tenderness, flavour and all-round eating quality.

“Focus Genetics is New Zealand’s largest red-meat genetics company; we want to drive long-term sustainability and profit in the red meat sector by developing superior sheep, cattle and deer using genetics,” Mr Foulsham said.

“To do that we need expert farm practices and systems to unlock genetics true potential on the farm. That’s why we partner with leading farmers like Matt and Lynley who are committed to taking our science and turning it into award-winning lamb.”

The Wyeth’s Highlander and Primera breeds have been developed by Focus Genetics, who using DNA technology, are now able to identify rams that will increase the likelihood of an improved eating experience. Matt Wyeth said the farming couple were delighted to take out the win, particularly on South Island soil. “To be judged in the South Island, by a crowd of Southerners as ‘People’s Choice’ doesn’t get much better – we’ll take that!

“A good cook can only work with the ingredients they’ve got, but if they’ve got the right stuff they can make something pretty special. The same goes for farming if you have the right genetics.”

Mr Foulsham said growing international competition in the lamb market meant New Zealand sheep farmers needed to look for ways to lift value, efficiency and quality.

“The genetic work we are leading gives farmers, meat companies and brand owners the opportunity to increase productivity and profitability in all parts of the supply chain. These new high eating quality genetics delivered via FocusPrime™ rams are available to all farmers now.”

“The proof of the pudding with lamb is in the eating, and by taking out the People’s Choice award the Wyeths have demonstrated that we are well on the way to being able to consistently please the most important judges of all – the lamb eating public.”