Beef+Lamb genetic award nomination for Gore farmers

Beef+Lamb genetic award nomination for Gore farmers

Commitment to quality reaps first time Beef + Lamb genetic award nomination for Gore farmers

A focus on farm efficiency and the best science available has paid off for Gore sheep farmers Julie and Barry Crawford who have been announced finalists in the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards.

It is the first Beef + Lamb awards nomination for the 4th generation farming couple, who own and operate the 510 hectare Rosebank farm at Waikaka Valley, near Gore, but a prestigious one to gain in the coveted genetics awards category.

The Rosebank FocusPrime™ lamb has been nominated in the Terminal Trait Leader for Lamb Growth category which rewards excellence in consistently producing high growth and high meat yielding lamb.

Focus Genetics chief executive Gavin Foulsham said the nomination was well deserved recognition for the Crawfords who have worked with Focus Genetics for several years on a sector leading breeding programme to produce sheep that have high lamb survival rates, are fast growing, high meat yielding and offer a quality eating experience.

“Focus Genetics wants to drive long-term sustainability and profit in the red meat sector by developing superior animals using genetics. To do this most effectively we partner with leading farmers like the Crawfords, who are committed to achieving the potential genetics can offer.

“We are delighted to see Julie and Barry nominated for this award as they really epitomise the best of New Zealand’s sheep industry – they’ve combined our science with excellent on-farm practices, and they have a desire to constantly improve and share their knowledge with others to benefit the whole sector.”

Julie Crawford said the nomination was proof that the combination of genetics and their work on the farm to get the best out of the science was working.

“We’ve focused for a long time on working as smart as possible and using technology to get the most out of our operation.

“Getting a good product relies on good genetics, feeding your stock well and ensuring excellent animal health. We are backed up by a great genetic breeding team in the Focus office, knowing that we don’t have to worry about the science has freed us up to really focus on the farm to get an excellent product for the customer.”

The couple can speak from experience of delivering for the end consumer, recently returning from a trip to the United Kingdom and Germany to find out more about the markets in which their FocusPrime™ lamb is sold.

“We’ve had the opportunity to see how the lamb is presented and sold over the other side of the world. Understanding how it is presented and what the supermarkets and customers want is very important, because the work to get there really begins on the farm.”