About us

Global scale, local expertise

We pioneer genetic improvement that sets the standard for strategic, sustainable animal breeding.

Focus Genetics has been a market leader in genetic improvement for over 50 years, setting a global benchmark for sustainable animal breeding and improving the health, welfare and performance of animals through genetic selection.

We use world-class science and technology to breed the best sheep, cattle and deer so farmers throughout New Zealand, and the world, can produce the highest-quality meat, milk and fibre efficiently and sustainably. We partner with breeders, researchers and agricultural institutions to continually drive innovation in animal excellence.

Work with us

We help progressive farmers genetically shape a more productive future.

We are focused on providing sustainable, high-performance genetics for New Zealand agriculture and want to lead the world in environmentally sustainable sires that satisfy the demands of an increasingly discerning, conscientious consumer. To do that, we have 10,000 recorded ewes, 2,500 recorded beef cows and 2,000 hinds domestically, with further sheep breeding operations in Australia, South America and the United Kingdom.