Genetics in New Zealand sheep, cattle and deer farming. Using science, systems and expertise to reach your breeding objectives

Genetics in New Zealand sheep, cattle and deer farming

Using science, systems and expertise to reach your breeding objectives.

In sheep, cattle and deer farming, if you’re not seeing progress, you’re falling behind. By using genetics, alongside correct feeding and management programmes, you can make significant and visible improvements, and reach your on farm goals.

Over the last 30 years the New Zealand sheep population has halved but we still export the same amount of lamb. We are more efficient, with better pastures and have better genetics to put on those pastures. But how do we define better genetics and how does that relate to your on farm breeding objective?

There are no shortcuts in animal breeding. If you want the pay off, you need to commit for the long haul.

Progress can be fast or slow depending on what you are trying to achieve and what animals you are farming. In order to achieve improvement it helps to identify where you have been, where you are now and where you want your flock or herd to go.

Genetics tell you the type of animals that will help you reach your goals. It’s the science that deals with inheritance and its variations.

To change the frequency of certain genes in your herd or flock you can select to keep offspring, cull animals that do not suit your objectives, or bring in outside sires to address specific gains you’re looking to achieve on farm.

To achieve results through genetics, you need objectives, commitment and the right partner. That’s where we can help.

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Lambing percentages now consistenty over 150% compared to 130-140% three years ago

– Spring Valley Enterprises, Masterton

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